phpDoc Tags

phpDocumentor tags are very similar to tags for the JavaDoc tool for Sun’s Java Programming Language. Tags are only parsed if they are the first thing on a new line of a DocBlock. You may use the @ character freely throughout documents as long as it is not the first character of a new line.

Any tags that phpDocumentor does not recognize will not be ignored (check the error.html to see what problems the parser encountered), and will be displayed in text flow as if they are part of the DocBlock long description.

phpDocumentor Tags

Tags can be in the DocBlock of any documentable PHP element

@abstract Document an abstract class, class method pr property. version/info description
@access private|protected|public Access control for an element.
@author The Name of the person(s) who created the element Their email (optional)
@category Used to organize groups of packages together.
@contributor Contributor to current element
@copyright Used to document the copyright information of any element
@deprecated Used to document the deprecation version or other information of any element for page version/info description
@example Used to parse an example file for syntax highlighting and linking to documentation. Must be a fully qualified URL
@ignore Use to prevent phpDocumentor from documenting an element.
@internal Mark documentation as private, internal to the software project.
@link Display a hyperlink to an external URL in the documentation Use @see or inline @link} to create links to items within the documentation.
@see Create a link to any element (except include/require) in the documentation.
@since Document the release version of any element.
@version Documents the version of any element.