Well, let me tell ya…

I cut my teeth on Apple ][s in the late 80’s building custom museum exhibits and custom internet based CRM systems in the 90’s for Global 1000 corporations. I’ve been focusing my attention on PHP this century.

I’ve worked in various frameworks, libraries, open source code collections and home grown code; and they all where tough to learn, tough to code to, and never seemed to fit well from project to project.

Now, I know many people love [pick your framework], but they all have a pretty steep leaning curve. Some even steeper than PHP itself!

That’s where Bluewater comes in. As with any developer worth his salt, I’ve amassed a collection of code snippets and various functions that I use and take with me from project to project. Many of these are modified and improved over time. This makes life a bit easier, not having to re-invent the wheel at every project.

Bluewater is my attempt to share my collection, under a (sort of) semblance of order and structure. Nothing as deep or heavy as Zend or CakePHP. But something almost anyone can pick up, read a few docs and get a structure up and running pretty quickly. Something that won’t take a few weeks of intense training to just turn it on.

Like ZEND, I’m hoping that pieces and parts of this library can be used within anyone’s structure. And I hope it will be a lot easier than ZEND (or Code Igniter, CakePHP, etc) to learn and use.

So, I invite you to rummage through my collection, take what you like, leave comments and suggestions to make things better and just enjoy what there is to have.