System Requirements

In order to develop within your own copy of Bluewater MVC you will need the following three pieces:

1. Webserver

Bluewater MVC will run on any Webserver supporting PHP. Most developers use Apache. No one has reported using the other web servers (IIS, lighttpd, Nginx). We’d be interested in hearing from you if you use these servers with Bluewater MVC.

mod_rewrite must be enabled on your Apache server as well.

2. PHP

Version 5.3.x. or greater.

No, we didn’t write this for PHP 4.x.

3. Database

mySQL and Oracle are supported at the moment, but we hope to have others in the not so distant future.

4. Browser

That’s up to you and how you write your code! Bluewater MVC will create HTML 4, xHTML and HTML5compliant code, if asked to.

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