Welcome to Bluewater MVC

Bluewater MVC is not your father’s “platform.”

There are a multitude of MVC style platforms scattered across the net [here is a short sample]; each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. They range from a few files with several dozen lines of code to behemoths with tens of thousands of lines scattered across hundreds of files. [ZEND Framework and Code Igniter comes to mind]. Bluewater MVC takes a slightly different approach.

Many of these platforms can have quite a steep learning curve; some even greater than PHP itself. The shear weight of these libraries can be intimidating, especially to a newbie. As for documentation, it can range from uncommented code to massive tomes detailing every aspect of the library. Many times this massive volume of documentation doesn’t really help anyone learn a library, especially when the examples are light, confusing or just plain wrong.

Bluewater MVC will be no different, when it comes right down to it. It’s another library of code to learn; something else to understand and follow its particular train of thought and brand of logic. But we, at Bluewater, think that our library stands a bit above the rest. The documentation is growing; it even has nightly generated phpDoc API Documentation to review. As for examples; well, we’re a bit light on those as of now, but they are growing as well.

If you have a good foundation in PHP OOP development and have the fundamentals of the MVC architecture, Bluewater MVC should not be a real challenge. We hope that many of its tenets are self-evident in their approach.